Painters Markers

My sisters and I ran our Painters markers into the ground, as I recall. One Christmas my parents gave us three whole boxes of assorted wood scraps and a selection of these markers to do with as we pleased. We could hardly contain ourselves at the time, and of course ran immediately downstairs to the basement to set up "shop," coloring, gluing, and painting the wood into unique sculptures that we'd proudly display in the hall. For the kids whose Mom doesn't have the time to supervise them with paints and brushes and all that other paraphernalia, these are terrific. Filled with real acrylic paint, these high quality (not to mention durable!) markers not only can they be used to decorate wood, but also work equally well on pottery, ceramics, glass, paper, metal, plastic and fabrics. They're also non-toxic, acid-free and the colors won't fade or dry quickly, and the points are small enough to decorate with more detail and control possible than many younger children can achieve with a paintbrush. Use them for countless craft projects, scrap booking, card-making, and whatever else you can dream up. Also keeps kids occupied for hours in the basement as long as you can find some random wood scraps to toss in as well. - Jess

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Grades: PK-AD
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