Colorix Silky Crayons

Do you want that smooth and silky look when you color, draw or create? These crayons come in chunky tubes like lipstick, so you only turn up what you need to use, they are pointed at the tip (like a brand-new crayon), for the more demanding artist. The brightly-colored, water-based crayon can be used as a pastel, crayon, or as a watercolor, by going over what you've colored with a wet paintbrush. It's also kind of like an oil pastel too. It's the crayon of the future!!! It is water soluble, non-toxic and odor free, colors are vivid, and there is no mess or waste as they twist up. It feels almost satisfyingly "naughty" to color with - every time you twist the crayon up, it's like you're four again, and have gotten a hold of Mom's lipstick... fun!

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