Computer Science Pure and Simple (3rd/4th Ed.)

Written by both homeschoolers and computer professionals, this year-long course gives homeschooled students a solid foundation in computer programming. Based on content from two previously published books, Computer Science Pure & Simple Book 1 and Book 2, the new Combined edition pulls the programming content from both of those resources and packages it into a one-year course for students 12 and up. Students will be programming in Logo, using the MicroWorlds application, available as a separate CD-ROM. It will probably take students about 3 hours a week to do the lessons, and the course is worth one high school credit (in most states) Please note that the focus in the Combined Edition is completely on programming, and the additional computer skills covered in Book 1 and 2 (word processing and spreadsheet skills) are no longer included.

The course is designed like a lab manual written to the student, with the student reading along as they complete their assignments. Because the course is set up in this way, parents don't have to be computer gurus themselves, but it does help if they have some basic understanding of how to locate and open a file, etc. Answer keys are included for exercises with specific answers, but the author recommends removing the keys before beginning the course (so kids aren't tempted to cheat), and using these for tips when they get stuck. There are no prerequisites for the student, but the author recommends typing instruction if the student has not already learned.Part 1 (from the previous Book 1) provides an introduction to Logo programming with MicroWorlds. It begins with Logo procedures and input, simple programs and animations before moving into variables. The 14 lessons are designed to "spiral," which means that students will be working on various computer skills at a more challenging level throughout the book rather than mastering one concept before moving on to another. The instructions are clear and simple to follow, and the guide walks students through the assignments.

Part 2 delves deeper into programming with MicroWorlds by creating gamesThe 18 lessons feature five different computer games using the Logo language including Madlibs, Maze, Race, Hangman, and City. In addition to learning how to write computer games, you will get a lot of practice working with variables, procedures, if-then statements, loops, and logical operators.

The MicroWorlds computer program used throughout the course is an application based on the Logo computer language that provides visual feedback for the young programmer. MicroWorlds EX is compatible with Windows 10 and 11 only.

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