Drawing Basics With Thomas Kinkade

By now, most people are familiar with the stunning style of Thomas Kinkade. His beautiful paintings are treasured by many people and have found their way onto calendars, Bible covers, blankets, and even puzzles. So who better to help with your kids' art education? This Alpha Omega course, in standard LIFEPAC format, was designed especially for children in grades 3-5, but can also be adapted for students up to grade 8. There are five different LIFEPACs, each with a different focus. The first unit starts at the most basic element of all drawings - lines. Kids will learn about and practice with straight and curvy lines, using lines to make shapes and patterns, 3-D drawings, contour drawings, and more. The next unit teaches about space and proportion, with guidance on imagination and drawing. In Unit 3, kids will discover tone and texture and how to use them to enhance their drawings. The fourth unit covers Art History, targeting Ancient art, Greek art, and Renaissance art. The last unit revolves around the final project, a still life the students set up themselves, with the concepts they've learned such as negative space, texture, shape, and shadow in mind. All five books offer tips, review, tests, and plenty of blank space for practice. The extensive teacher's guide covers all five books as well as providing a materials list, schedule, assessments, teacher helps, Bible integration projects, answer keys, and reproducibles. The DVD features Thomas Kinkade demonstrating the lessons for children to follow along with. It includes fifteen lessons, as well as a welcome, introductions to each chapter, and concluding remarks. The Boxed Set includes all five LIFEPACs, the teacher's manual, and the DVD. Each component is also available separately. - Melissa

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