Ken Jenning's Jr. Genius Guides

If you know a kiddo who just loves to read fun books with cool factual information, there is sure to be a Junior Genius Guide to challenge his busy mind! Each book is chock full of names, places and events with details written in an engaging way. I liked that you can read straight through, or put it down and come back later. It would be good to leave in the car, for example. I would have read these again and again as a kid, then astonished friends and family with my random knowledge! Illustrations have a cartoonish feel. Pop quiz questions check to see if you can recall what you just read. There are a lot of thought provoking topics and even some project ideas! The writing level is elementary, but I think even a middle schooler would find these interesting. Black & white, about 5" x 8", soft (but firm) cover, 160 pp. ~ Sara

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