Classroom Art

These books offer complete art lessons in drawing, painting and printmaking using a variety of different media. Each one holds 12 lessons in each of these 3 categories for a total of 36 age-appropriate art lessons per book. The projects include straightforward, simple steps and sample pictures of each step as well as the finished project, and while they include somewhat exact instructions, they are designed to leave room for individual expression. Each project is completed in just 4 steps, and they require only easily attainable, inexpensive supplies. The lessons include a list of needed supplies, tips, reflection questions, variations, and correlated cross-curricular activities. While the lessons are fun to complete, they are "serious" enough that you will probably use only one or two a week in your own homeschool, or this would be worthwhile to use in a group art lesson such as at a co-op. The books are full color, with high quality, glossy pages. 78 pgs. - Melissa

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