More Than Words

Emphasizing God’s attributes and Christian identity/living, this 36-week Bible study series (4 days/week) is grouped by four themes (units) maintained consistently across all levels. Students will study and apply Scripture using various level-appropriate activities that are reinforced with quarterly, puzzle or activity-style review. A brief “How to Use this Book” gets you started. Requiring more teacher-student interaction than later levels, the Level 1 (K-3) strongly emphasizes Godly character traits. Students journal, learn key Biblical truths, study Godly character, do copy work, color, and draw. This level’s appendices include full hymns with restated ideas and key truth review cards. In the upper levels, students read journal entries (written by the author’s children), journal and memorize Scripture (ESV), write prayers, and complete daily extension activities (called special “missions”). Students also complete copywork, study Scripture, and create various artistic and character study responses. Level 2 appendices include a dictionary/thesaurus, hymns, Bible verse log, Christian identity statements, optional extended Bible verse work, flashcards and answer keys. 370+ pgs, pb. ~ Ruth

  • Independent focused, but useful for family or group use
  • Character study and life-application of Bible principles
  • Consumable and 3-hole punched
  • Self-contained, but needs a handful of simple, additional craft supplies
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