The Joy of Signing

Simple instructions and illustrations for learning American Sign Language. This revised, hardcover edition includes chapters on the history of sign language and fingerspelling, terminology, the art of signing, the language pattern of signs, and introduces over 1500 signs, grouped by category. The appendix holds vital information on the art of signing naturally: words for which signs are not required; the difference between a statement, command, and question when identical signs are used; pluralization; tense; regularity and continuity; the directionality of signs, numbers; and introduction to the use of classifiers. A supplementary puzzle book offers 25 review puzzles and games, parallelling the 25 chapters in the book.It includes four seek-a-word puzzles, five pick-a-word puzzles, eight crossword puzzles, and eight finger/word puzzles. Topics covered include emotions, feelings, sports, animals, numbers, travel, and others.Answers to all puzzles are included.A 5-DVD companion set is also available so you can "see" the signs covered in the book.

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