Greek Alphabetarion with CD

A primer for teaching how to read, write and pronounce ancient and biblical Greek. If you want to learn Greek, start here. This book will begin with the basics - the signs and sounds of the Greek alphabet, including vowel combinations. Part One goes one letter at a time through the Greek alphabet, teaching you to recognize and say each letter. Periodic reviews assure that you have mastered the material before continuing. Part Two of the book is devoted to learning to read Greek. It teaches you how to transliterate Greek to English, concentrating on phonetic sounds. By the end of this section, you will be able to translate short passages. Part Three teaches more advanced phonics (and is apparently easy enough for a ten- to twelve-year-old to tackle). It covers some of the "finer points" while not getting in too deeply. After you finish this book, you should be ready to begin studying formal Greek grammar with Homeschool Greek, by the same author. While sounds are adequately described in the text, there is no substitute for actually hearing the sound on the accompanying CD (with tracks corresponding to each division of the text). Also appreciated is the short History of Languages in the appendix. A Greek Hupogrammon - A Copybook for Beginning Students of Greek is a workbook of exercises to accompany this course.

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