Lingua Biblica

Can you imagine a better way to keep Latin interesting and relevant than in translating Bible stories? Utilizing the simple Latin found in the Latin Vulgate Bible, Memoria Press developed this book in a versatile format accommodating students at various levels in Latin. Each of the fifteen stories contains grammar and translation activities at three different levels. Tied to the Henle Latin Study Guides, instruction at the Beginning Level coordinates with the HLSG for Units I & II while the Intermediate Level coordinates with the HLSG for Units III-V. Lingua Biblica can thus be used for two consecutive years parallel to the Henle Study Guides. The Advanced Level provides an additional level of grammar and translation difficulty. Lessons contain a short passage from the Latin Vulgate Bible, complete vocabulary for each lesson, footnotes to aid in translation, and grammar exercises to support the translation. The Teacher Manual is a replica of the consumable student worktext with answers supplied. - Janice

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