Intro to Anatomy & Physiology

Recently revised with expanded content, Master Books Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology provides a creation-centered foundation in human anatomy and physiology for any curious student. The updated student books, Wonders of the Human Body are divided into two volumes, each covering 3 systems of the human body. Textbooks are written to the student using understandable, straightforward text. Vibrant graphics highlight the textual information and provide students with a valuable visualization of the teaching and include a comprehensive glossary and index. Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology Teacher Guides, provide a weekly lesson schedule based on 5 days per week, student worksheets, quizzes/tests, and answer keys. Daily lessons will take 30-45 minutes per day. Student worksheets are perforated and reproducible for your family.

Volume 1 topics include The Musculoskeletal, Cardiovascular & Respiratory and Nervous Systems. Volume 2 topics include the Digestive System & Metabolism, Reproductive System and Special Systems (Blood, Lymphatic, Immune, Urinary, Endocrine, and Integumentary). Volume 2 explores our current understanding of the Covid-19 pandemic, SARS-CoV-2, and an overview of vaccinations looking at the promise of the mRNA vaccine technology.

I appreciate that this series starts out on the right track with clear explanations of the complex concepts, making it a valuable teaching tool for families with a background in medicine or for a novice family. If you have a more motivated high school student, it may be possible to complete both volumes in one year, understanding students will need to set aside additional time to complete the daily lessons. The course includes no experiments, which may appeal to those who are looking for a solid understanding of anatomy and physiology without the mess of dissections or expense of specialized lab equipment. If you would like to incorporate a high school level lab, supplemental resources are available that may work well for your family. Contact us to discuss your needs. Books are available separately or in a package with a student text and teacher guide. Softcover. ~ Deanne

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