One Week Off Unit Studies

Brought to you by Castle Heights Press - The Next Generation, these unit studies were put together mainly by the children of Kathleen Julicher, author of several homeschooling science books. Even though these are unit studies, they are designed for families who do not normally do unit studies. The idea is to take a one-week break from the normal school schedule and do something different. But it's no vacation - every day is filled with things to do. Monday is planning day, Tuesday and Wednesday are research and writing days, field trip on Thursday, with wrap-up on Friday. These studies are open-ended; dozens of questions and suggested activities let you decide what topics you will research so that you can use any available library materials. (The studies do suggest several books, internet sites, and places to write for free information.) An essay and a notebook are to be completed, which will hone writing skills. In a rut? Take One Week Off!

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