Speedy Spanish Primer

Now your younger students can enjoy the benefits of Speedy Spanish as well! This simple introduction to Spanish is perfect for young children. The Primer book is divided into six primer sections, each featuring different topics. Section 1 covers colors, numbers, days, and months, Section 2 contains seasons, home, school, and church, Section 3 teaches animals and people, Section 4 presents parts of the body, clothes, and food, Section 5 covers things and places, Section 6 contains opposites. Each page presents pictures and the English version of 3 words and the facing page contains the translation in Spanish. There are really no lesson plans to speak of, although the workbook is divided into lessons which cover different pages of the primer. The workbook contains matching activities (pictures to Spanish words, English to Spanish words, etc.), coloring activities, mazes, and more. The teacher key contains all the answers, showing small copies of each workbook page (4 per page) with the correct answers marked; some instruction appears at the bottom of each teacher page. Your students will have a solid introduction to basic Spanish words at the end of these 33 lessons. ~ Megan

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Grades: PK-3
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