Standard Deviants Foreign Language DVDs

This program is a lively method to learning a foreign language. The Standard Deviants method takes challenging subjects (see index for other titles) and simplifies them through graphics, skits, music, and a fun format. The program features six teenagers who cheerfully aid the process. Although these videos may come across as being slightly cheesy (is there such a thing as being too excited about a subject?) the approach might work for your students. “The Basics” video introduces the language and its alphabet, accents, pronunciation, greetings, cognates, counting, basic conversation, and much more. “Beyond the Basics” goes to the next step, teaching vocabulary, different parts of speech, communication tips, tenses, conversation, time, weather, and more. The “Advanced” videos reviews all the basics that you’ve already learned. The first “Advanced” video delves into irregular verbs, verb construction, making comparisons, adverbs, prepositions, direct and indirect object pronouns, lots of different scenes and conversations, and more. The “Advanced Verbs” video teaches modal and reflexive verbs, many different verb tenses, mood, the subjunctive, and commands. It also teaches a total of 64 new verbs. Videos run around 80-90 minutes each.

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Grades: 7-12
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