Verb Tenses Workbooks

These workbooks are ideal supplementary texts for high school and college-level courses. Often verbs and verb conjugation confuses students the most when learning a language, and these workbooks can help students overcome their difficulties. The focus is on verbs and correct verb usage, with chapters for each tense, commands, passive voice, and nonfinite verb forms. Verbs are presented with conjugation rules and with typical verb forms shown in contrasting typeface. Tons of worksheets are included, with exercises like translating sentences, conjugating verbs into charts, and filling out crossword puzzles using the correct verb forms. Though these aren't complete courses for the languages because they lack instruction in other parts of speech, students will certainly learn and practice all the verb skills they need to learn the language. An answer key and dictionary (from English to the featured foreign language) is included in the back of each book. The workbooks are not reproducible, and the exercises can be completed directly in the book. Solidify your student's language mastery by ensuring their understanding of the most commonly used verbs. 300-400+ pgs pb. ~ Rachel

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