Duct Tape Fashion Kits

The legendary handyman staple has, in recent years, made the unlikely leap from utility to... fashion. Duct tape is now available in a rainbow of different colors and patterns, making it pretty easy to dress up just about anything you can stick it on. These kits each show young crafters how to use duct tape to transform plain items into completely personalized - and much more colorful - accessories. All Duct Out is more of a general duct tape crafting kit which shows kids how to use duct tape to make jewelry, belts, bows, a purse, headbands and more. The other kits provide a blank "starter" item, basic instructions and enough pretty duct tape to make it over. Unlike the tough duct tape you remember, fashion duct tape is a little lighter and easier to rip, so even younger crafters can tape to their hearts' content. - Jess

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