Civics in America Book and Consumables

Looking for a traditional civics course with a neutral approach for your middle schooler? This Calvert text has your answer! The Civics in America set comes with a student text and the Consumables (teacher guide and activity pages). The 386-page hardcover text contains 64 lessons which are divided into 18 sections covering citizenship, government branches, the Constitution and Bill of Rights, state and local government, the workings of our political and justice systems, foreign policy and issues, and the relationship between government and the economy. Chapters are written at grade level and provide multiple features to reinforce concepts. A Table of Contents for these is included for useful reference. A special section emphasizes honing skills like interpreting graphs, evaluating sources and information, and writing and speaking. In addition, the text provides helpful resources: the full text of the Declaration of Independence; the Constitution; a list of the US Presidents (through the 43rd) with birth and death dates, years served as president, and political party; and flag etiquette. For each chapter, a list of additional reference books is provided.

Each chapter includes a glossary. The Skills Handbook included with the text holds 64 lessons divided into 4 different sections, with review at the end. Discussion questions, activity and optional enrichment are included. Please note: the resources are not available for individual purchases of this text.

For additional students, the 323 pages of Consumables are softcover and spiral bound. For each lesson you'll find two pages that list the student assignments, objectives, a brief teacher script for instruction, discussion questions, application and enrichment. After these teacher helps, the student activity pages supply a broad range of activities such as crossword puzzles, matching activities, graphic organizers and writing assignments. In the back, you'll find one group enrichment activity (discussion, group writing, presentations, etc.) for each of the 64 lessons. ~ Ruth

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