Crayola Dry-Erase Learning Cards

Your little ones will ask to play with these sets of 32 plastic-coated learning cards. Bright colors, fun activities, silly monsters - and they get to write on them. What's not to like? Your preschoolers will follow easy directions like: trace the letter/number with your finger, draw a line from letter A to F, trace and print the letter E, circle the 3's decorate the 5, draw polka dots on the 4, and count to 25 out loud. Use these cards as daily warm-ups for each topic, let kids choose one from each deck to do at the breakfast table, make a game show and have a team competition, or give each child a marker and have quiet work time, then check their answers together for reinforcement of the lesson. Versatile and fun, these cards are good pre-reading practice. They will learn to recognize color and number words as they begin to read, building their confidence. The colorful monsters didn't hurt the appeal either; they were pretty fun. ~ Sara

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