Vertical File

Ideal for organizing 3-ring binders, nature notebooks and other curricula, this vertical file will help your school room and students be more organized. Measuring 3 ½" wide, 14" high in the back and 13" deep, this file would be a tremendous asset for organizing school texts/notebooks for multiple children (although depending on the number of texts involved you may want to provide each child with 2 or 3 vertical files). I was able to put a small 3-ring binder, 2 workbooks and a medium size textbook comfortable in the file. I also tested it with larger text books (high school level history and literature textbooks) -the file held both books and a small 3 ring binder. The file is constructed of quality plastic, with a small center lip for a perfect place for an identifying label. Available in a variety of colors. Colors may vary between manufacturing lots; if you are ordering multiples, you may want to check with us first to ensure that we have enough matching stock to fulfill your order. ~Deanne

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