Shelf Files

Keeping your counters or desk top organized has never been easier! This sturdy plastic shelf file measures approx. 10" wide x 3 " across and 5 tall in the front increasing to 7 " in back. It is the perfect size to hold glue, markers, and crayons in the school room or spices, measuring cups/spoons, and small format recipe books/cards in the kitchen. Hubby may also appreciate it in the family room for a convenient way to store the endless remotes and TV guide. The practical ideas for this shelf file are endless. Tattle Shelf Files have the same dimensions as the regular shelf files but with the addition of a file tab slot in the front which holds a 3.5x.75 card (included) for labeling contents. ~ Deanne

A hot seller! Our Shelf File is just the right size to hold books or magazines (but not binders) in a neat and organized manner.Use to group magazines by

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