How to Become an Entreprenurial Kid Series

Kids are never too young to begin learning how to become entrepreneurs. I still remember when my sisters and I first really "got it" that what you take in from your business has to be re-invested in materials, time, and advertising. For example, Mom and Dad aren't going to endlessly fund your baking enterprise! I guess when you're a kid it's hard to resist the idea that you can make something from nothing! To remedy children's lack of "business basics", each of these short storybooks tells the story of a child starting their own business, and learning fundamentals along the way. In My Cookie Business (which we have already offered as a stand-alone), Elizabeth takes advantage of the tourist traffic on Nantucket Island to sell homemade goodies. She quickly learns that she has to take into account the cost of materials and find a cheap way to sell her wares! In My Fishing Business, Luke takes a job at the boatyard to save money for a fishing boat. When he finally earns enough to buy a small boat, Luke is surprised that other kids are willing to pay him to take them out fishing. He anxiously begins his business, but not without some setbacks. It's a realistic story about saving up capital, and surviving losses. My Pony Ride Business is the story of Brandon, who would give more than anything to have a pony. When his dad suggests that he offer to help neighbors with their farm chores for money, Brandon is ecstatic. He works hard and saves up enough to buy a pony. While thinking of ways to earn money for his pony's keep, his sister says that her friends would love to buy pony rides. Thus, the pony ride business is begun, and Brandon learns some lessons about being careful and responsible.

Each book features a different enterprise and focuses on a few gentle concepts related to owning a business. A planner/workbook is also available. This book helps kids take their ideas and apply them to their own business. With a mix of instruction and activity, the book helps kids think of business ideas, name their business, create a logo, identify start-up costs, add up materials costs, find ways to earn the money to launch the business, think up marketing ideas, deal with legalities, and do simple bookkeeping. The author of the series is passionate about giving kids the tools to create and run their own businesses, and it's reflected in her helpful, entertaining books. Storybooks are 32 pages and paperback, and the workbook is 20 pages. Books are available separately, or in a combo package. It's not hard to get inspired by these charming books - even if you're too "old" for them yourself! - Jess

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