Money Matters for Teens

"How we handle money matters is about how we handle ourselves." This idea by Larry Burkett is the heart of this book; teaching teens to handle money intelligently through living by God's principles. Seven chapters delve into the areas of stewardship, money, attitude, planning, banking, spending, and career, all as they relate to finances. Beginning in the chapter on stewardship, Burkett clearly states that everything we have belongs to God already, yet we are given possessions, abilities, and choices and it is our duty to use all wisely. Throughout the entire book, each topic is approached with God and Christian living as the focus, equipping teens to handle banking, credit cards, career choices, long-term planning, and other financial areas with the right attitude. Every chapter is divided into several subtopics, each highlighted by a humorous cartoon and then explained through engaging text and clear, helpful examples.

The companion workbooks combine the knowledge of money matters with application through the interactive financial exercises interspersed throughout each chapter. There are two workbooks available - one for kids age 11 to 14 (grades 6-9), and one for teens age 15 to 18 (grades 10-12). Although still written from a Christian perspective, the workbook tends to dwell much more on the informative and practical side of money where the original text is very heavy on Christian living and how that relates to finances. Thus the chapters, though many touch on the same topics, do not directly correlate, allowing you to use this workbook with or without the reader. Chapters dig in to banks, checking accounts, money management and budgets, loans, spending, giving, and investing. The workbook for students age 15 to 18 also touches on buying a car, paying for college, credit cards and lastly, how to get and keep a job (you do have to earn money to spend or save it!). Each chapter holds informative, yet interesting text and corresponding activities that really prepare teens to be money smart. In this way, teens learn to reconcile a checkbook, create a budget, calculate the cost of loans, buy their first car, invest in the stock market (on paper only!), and other financial skills that are vital for living responsibly. Truly an appropriate perspective on all money matters for teens. ~ Steph

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