The Master and His Apprentices

The dilemma: desiring art history for your student yet wanting a decidedly Biblical perspective in content and interpretation. This course starts with its focus--God as creator and His masterpieces--and then chronologically records the history of man as he mirrors God's creative abilities through artistic creation. Designed for home or classroom use, this chronologically ordered course covers God's creative acts and then ancient Egyptian, Aegean, Greek, Etruscan and Roman art. Most of the text focuses on art's Anno Domini: the Byzantine, Medieval, Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque periods. The post 1600s and non-western art are highlighted briefly. Chapter timelines align artistic works beside Christian and general world history. At the text end, a complete timeline is included with additional essays, an index of pieces by location and art terms, consulted sources, and a text index. Carefully-selected, full-colored photos adorn each page of this oversized text (9"x 11 1/2"). The author was careful to limit nudity and potentially objectionable material. However, you'll want to preview, particularly in the Baroque and Renaissance sections. Also included are artists' interpretations of Jesus and others from the Bible.

The text serves as an overview of art history from creation to the 20th Century. Select a hardcover (370 pgs) or digital PDF option. For the full course, add the Teacher Guide (147 pgs in softcover or digital) which includes brief teacher instructions, an example syllabus, course requirements, art terms, and answers (as possible). The guide includes weekly short-answer student questions, four cumulative student exams, and four self-select topic suggestions. 1 credit course.

The Digital options of the Teacher Guide and Textbook are PDFs (requires Adobe Reader) and can be printed out or used as an eBook. Digital products are best viewed on a desktop computer and are intended for a single reader/family. Access will be emailed from the publisher after purchase (allowing processing time). In addition, the publisher sells re-printable worksheet and exam rights on their site. ~ Ruth

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