You Decide!

Critical Thinking Press believes that thinking skills are relevant to all disciplines, not just math and science. In this book, students learn about the first eight amendments to our constitution, then apply their knowledge to decide actual Supreme Court cases. In each chapter, the student is given facts about court cases. Next, the applicable constitutional amendment is quoted, with an activity to help the student understand what the amendment means. A discussion of the meaning of the amendment, including historical background, is provided. Past decisions by the Supreme Court are then analyzed, which leads to a discussion of how the amendment is currently viewed. The final activity allows the student to decide in what situations the amendment applies. In all, 37 activities and 75 Supreme Court decisions are included. The teacher's manual is a necessary part of the program, as it contains answers to activities, as well as Supreme Court decisions, guidelines, discussion questions, lesson objectives, background information, and a guide for analyzing cases. I found the program to be well written and interesting, with a balanced presentation. This would be a worthwhile addition to any civics or constitution study.

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