Patriotism and Government Chartlets

Jazz up your walls with these patriotic posters that are also a valuable tool when children are learning about different historical documents. Each is a full-color poster with the document on the front side and various items on the black and white back side. The Declaration of Independence poster is basically a huge reprint of the Declaration on a blue background. The cursive print is fairly small but definitely readable. The back of this poster has the words of the Declaration printed out, a list of vocabulary words from the document to define, and a few activity ideas (like writing a letter to or reading a biography about one of the signers or starting an imaginary country and writing a new Declaration). The Constitution poster is also a reproduction of the document, but it is larger to display four pages on a blue background. The cursive handwriting is even harder to read, but it's legible if you look closely. The back has no activity ideas, just the words of the Constitution printed out with italicized portions highlighting things that are no longer in effect. The Pledge of Allegiance poster isn't really a reprint of a document; it just displays the words to the pledge with a background featuring the American flag and a diverse group of kids saying the pledge. The back side of the chart covers the history of the pledge, with other information like flag etiquette, Flag Day, creative writing ideas, and more. Each poster measures 17" x 22" and is made of thick cardstock with a glossy front. Great references or supplements to any U.S. history curriculum. ~ Rachel

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Grades: 4-8
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