American Government (Standard Deviants)

The Standard Deviants crew is back with more humorous skits, interactive quizzes, helpful computer graphics and other educational methods. Their variety of interesting approaches helps to present hard (sometimes boring) topics to highschoolers in a simplified, appealing way. Volume 1 (For the People) explores the types of government, components of American democracy, the Stamp Act Congress, First Continental Congress, Second Continental Congress, Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, the Great Compromise, the U.S. Constitution, federalism, separation of powers, checks and balances, branches of government, the Bill of Rights, and civil liberties and rights. Volume 2 covers the roots of the legislative branch, congressional powers, the necessary and proper clause, impeachment, speaker of the House, President pro tempore, the committee system, how a bill becomes a law, filibuster, the executive branch, electoral college, the six main powers of the President, the cabinet, the U.S. bureaucracy, judicial system, federal court, circuit courts, appeals courts, The Supreme Court, and a judicial review.

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