Under God

Citizenship may be viewed differently in our country today than it was in 1966 when this book was first published, but the principles on which it is based are timeless. This civics book (in its 7th edition as of 2013) teaches that God ordains civil government, and that fear of the Lord is the basis and motivation for good citizenship. Christians are to know how their government is structured and take an active part in its functioning. The first six chapters are devoted to the discussion of government in general, different types of government, and how the American form of government came to pass. A discussion of the Constitution follows, including the three branches of government and their roles. Each amendment to the constitution is briefly reviewed. The remainder of the book is devoted to discussion of state and local government, the court system, the Presidential Cabinet departments, the election process, and immigration. A teacher's resource booklet is available, which includes answers to chapter review questions, as well as tests and answers for the six unit tests.

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