Actual Times Series

These nonfiction readers portray events which shaped culture and history and which had massive ramifications in their time. Using primary sources and original quotations to tell these stories, author Don Brown translates them in wording and manner appropriate for this age group. His illustrations are detailed and convey the emotion and drama of the story, all the while maintaining a gestural, impressionistic style. America Is Under Attack tells the story of 9-11; All Stations! Distress! depicts the sinking of the Titanic, and the gold rush phenomenon is told in Gold! Gold from the American River. Note: Let it Begin Here (the Battles of Lexington and Concord) contains several graphic images of soldiers dying. In addition, images of people in danger during the destruction of the Titanic and the World Trade Center are highly emotional and authentic, albeit stylized in form. Still, I feel these are amazingly well done in documentation, authenticity and reader engagement. Books contain bibliographies and, in some, author's notes as well. 7" x 9", 64 pp, sc. ~ Ruth

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