Map Trek (Knowledge Quest Blackline Maps of World History)

These collections provide complete sets of outline maps for different periods in history. The World History sets contain maps for the following four time periods: the Ancients, Middle Ages, Dawning of the New World, and Modern World. There are between 16 and 27 for each period. For example, maps in the Ancients period include a map of early civilizations, ancient Egypt, India, the Assyrian empire, China's Shang kingdom, early Greece, ancient Africa, the Persian empire, the conquests of Alexander the Great, the republic of Rome, and many more). The maps have cities, countries, and bodies of water labeled (although on some these may be blank with instructions for students to label them). The set also includes discussion questions for each map. These consist of 1 -5 points for each map and may include looking at rivers, figuring distance, tracing routes, labeling various places, reading the map keys, drawing a compass rose, using an atlas or globe to find additional places, drawing in physical features, and coloring the maps according to directions. You can use these maps on their own, or to supplement your study of each time period. For World History, you can either buy the complete set, with a hardcover book of all the maps and the CD-ROM, or the complete set on CD-ROM only. Maps on CD are in PDF format and requires Adobe Reader (a free download). - Melissa

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