Legends & Leagues

In this original and amusing book, Mr. Tardy stumbles into the office of Mr. Meridian Longitude and Mr. Azimuth Latitude. He is late for an appointment and in desperate need of directions. Mr. Tardy has come to the right place! With Mr. Tardy trying to keep up, the tall Mr. Longitude and the wide Mr. Latitude educate him on maps and their features, compass points, and geographic formations. The book is completely illustrated (like a children's book) and explains things in a simple, direct manner for young students. SC. 32 pgs. The reproducible Legends & Leagues workbook provides fun, worthwhile activities for children to complete after reading the book. They'll complete matching exercises, coloring pages, simple puzzles, landmark drawings, and of course a couple different types of maps. PB. 44 pgs.

Building upon the concepts of Legends & Leagues, your children can deepen their understanding of geography with four new

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