Understanding the Faith: A Survey of Christian Apologetics

  Ideas have consequences! For more than fifty years young Christians have been trained by Dr. David Noebel and Summit Ministries to understand the times, to recognize both the ideas that permeate our world cultures and their consequences as well as the appropriate biblical response. Now co-authored by Dr. Jeff Myers, the course has been revised and expanded into a series in 2016. Understanding the Faith is a survey of biblical faith and Christian apologetics that features key questions/issues to address when defending and sharing personal faith with an unbelieving world.

Course components include a Student Textbook, a Teacher Manual and online videos (code for accessing online videos is in TM), and a Student Manual. All scripture references are in ESV. Textbooks are about 500 pgs, hc. TMs are about 500 pgs, pb. Student Manuals are about 400 pgs, pb. ~ Janice

  The Student Textbook is the cornerstone of academic content for each course. Extensive endnotes follow each chapter, and both a Glossary and Index are provided. This instructional material is augmented by videos (available online) and primary source readings (available in both the Teacher and Student Manuals).

  The Student Manual provides essay discussion questions (with space to record answers), fill-in-the-blank outlines and discussion questions for each video presentation. Chapter Key Points and Assignments concludes each chapter.

  The Teacher Manual provides detailed unit lessons which include learning objectives plus all content from the Student Manual with talking points for the discussion questions and filled in outlines. A 36 week/5 days per week schedule is provided in both Teacher and Student Manuals. Alternative schedules for 1, 2, 3 or 4 days per week are available on the online component. Other resources such as additional readings and videos that go along with the material and printable versions of tests and quizzes are also available on the online component.

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