Biographies by Joyce McPherson

I've not met Joyce McPherson, but it sounds like she is a busy woman. Joyce earned a BS degree from Virginia Polytechnic Institute, where she studied French and Biochemistry. The bio on the back of the earliest biography copyrighted in 1995 lists Joyce as a homeschooling mother of five children, while the most recent one lists her as homeschooling her eight children. Somewhere in there she found time to write these four biographies about the Christian testimony of people who made significant contributions in a variety of fields. McPherson used the writings of the person and his contemporaries as the basis for the anecdotes and conversations in these books. Each book begins when the subject is a child and continues through adulthood. The books would be interesting to read for an upper elementary student, and include a great deal of conversation to engage the reader in the story. Of course, the faith and witness of the main character are front and center in the story. 110+ pgs, pb.

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