Chemistry (5th Ed.)

Newly revised in 2021, this program begins with the definition of matter, and then proceeds to address how matter interacts in chemical reactions, solutions, acids and bases, organic chemistry, biochemistry, and nuclear changes. The text material helps students understand both macroscopic and microscopic chemical changes. Based on customer feedback, revisions include adjusted explanations, additional example problems, full explanation of example problems in the student and teacher materials, and the reading level has been adjusted to meet the progressive needs of a 10th-11th grade student. Scope and sequence updates include expanded chapters on atomic structure, chemical composition and reactions, organic chemistry, and biochemistry. The chapter on Materials Chemistry has been removed. Considering these changes, it is not compatible with previous editions. BJU Chemistry remains a strong college preparatory course, but families may now find it more user friendly. Teaching remains teacher-centric and not student-guided or independent.

The softcover student edition contains the student readings, clear and accurate scientific images, case studies, minilabs, and review questions.

The teacher edition is divided into two-volumes and provides a suggested teaching schedule and lesson plan overview, icons for weblinks and lab demonstrations, and the teaching information alongside the reduced student pages. Answers to the review questions and solutions for the math problems are also included.

The lab manual includes a variety of inquiry and mini-labs. The focus is upon using scientific methodology and application to real world problems. Critical thinking, problem solving skills and application of engineering concepts are developed. Experiments are rigorous and will require parent teacher oversight. Some lab supplies are common items, although it may be challenging to source some of the supplies for home use. Contact Rainbow Resource for the list of lab supplies.

The lab manual teacher edition includes teaching support for the labs, suggested answers to lab questions, grading rubrics and assessment guides for the STEM activities and inquiry labs.

The non-reproducible assessment packet includes quizzes and chapter tests. Questions are in a variety of formats from short answer to matching. Answers are found in the assessment answer key.

The homeschool kit includes the student text, two-volume teacher edition, lab manual, lab manual teacher edition, assessment packet, and assessment packet answer key.

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