Americana Black Slate Chalkboard Paint

Paint about any surface to transform it into a chalkboard! Apply 2 coats with a brush (1 vertical, 1 horizontal) drying an hour between, let cure for 24 hours, lightly rub chalk over the surface to condition it, and you are ready to roll! Wipe surface with a damp cloth to clean. Use this in a child's bedroom or where you teach your lessons. Paint old cabinet doors to create a message center, storage jars for your pantry, even a tray you pick up at a yard sale can find a new life as a lap board for doing math problems! Two ounces will cover about 5 square feet. The paint can be cleaned off brushes and hands with water. ~ Sara

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Item # 021156
Grades: 3-AD
Retail: $5.16
Our Price: $3.95
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