Drums of War Series

This exciting series of chapter books brings readers into the adventures and dangers of the Revolutionary War. Set in early 1775, the unrest around Williamsburg, Virginia hits boiling point in book one when the Royal Governor sends British troops to steal the gunpowder from the public magazine. The local townspeople are outraged, and they send messages for Patrick Henry to come and lead the Patriots as they stand up to the British governor. In April of 1775 (book two), the Patriots must hold their own at Bunker Hill when the British troops invade the countryside to disarm them. The unrest has finally broken out into a fully fledged war for independence! In book three, George Washington has been made commander of the American militia, and his plans to attack the British at Boston include Virginia's finest regiment. While the regiment is away, though, the British threaten their home state - with a navy off the coast and allied Indian tribes on the western border. The series centers around the Hendricks and Edwards families (fourteen year-old Andrew Hendricks in particular) - neighbors and partners in business - and their involvement as patriots in the thick of it all. Filled with adventure! Approximately 170 pgs, pb. ~ Zach

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