American History Easy Make & Learn Projects

This series provides a hands-on way to teach students about early American history. Each book contains around 15 models for students to construct. For each project, the book provides a black and white illustration of what the finished model should look like. Then, background information on the topic is given, usually with a half to a full page of information for each model. Easy to follow instructions with black and white illustrations show how to assemble each model, and hints for coloring and constructing them are included. The books also include a few questions to ask or activities to do after the projects are done. These questions use the models and background information for answers. Extended activities for every project are included, so students can learn more about the specific topic by reading the recommended books or visiting websites. Models are constructed using the paper patterns included in the books, which are reproducible. The paper models are fun and easy to construct and will teach students about different tribes and settlements, histories and cultures, and how different people met their needs for shelter, clothing, food, transportation, and more. Make a 3-D Jamestown map, a fold-up book about growing corn, a longhouse you can look inside of, and so much more. The Indian books focuses mainly on the period before European contact (around 1500) while the Colonial book focuses on the early colonies. Books are reproducible, 80 pgs, pb.

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