Critical Thinking in U.S. History

History is a great place for Critical Thinking and recorded "fact" to meet! In a day when much of history is being virtually rewritten, it is important to question the historic "fact" found in history texts. Besides deliberate attempts to "change history," there are also the honest differences in recorded history depending on the narrator's point of view or bias. Even among eyewitnesses to an event, there are often discrepancies in what really happened. This series, then, presents students with differing viewpoints of historical events, using primary and secondary sources. This is not designed as a basal history course, but as a supplement to use along with your study of U.S. history. The first unit of each volume is devoted to a mini-course in critical thinking skills before getting into actual exercises. Each of the books on CD contains between 26-29 reproducible "quandaries" of history, including narrated excerpts from historic documents, maps, charts, and worksheets. Students are asked to apply their thinking skills to answer the questions posed. Each of the books is on CD-ROM. Simply put the CD in your computer and you can print out any page of the book you need. Requires Acrobat Reader.

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