Americans at War Series

What do I like about these books? I can sum that up in one word: attractive. They are chock full of paintings, drawings, photographs, easy to read text, and information. All of these things make a beautiful, yet simple book. Each one clearly lays out what its topic, without leaving any loose ends. The idea of a series of books, all about a particular war (or parts of it, at least) that's understandable and fun to read means that a lot of people must be shaking their heads and saying, "Why didn't I think of this?" All of those unavoidable difficult words (like Hessians) are all emboldened so you don't have to keep a list to look up later. Short chapters ensure rapt attention, even while delving a bit deeper in some places, touching on characters and other things rarely heard of Approx. 32 pgs ~ Mark

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Grades: 4-6
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