Making a New Nation

This series gives an amazingly detailed look at the growth and development of the United States. The books deliver concise, thoroughly interesting information about how America became the country it is today. Special emphasis is placed on the roles of immigration, exploration, and migration. Information is shared in short paragraphs that are readable and full of details. Additional text boxes share specific information about different topics. Perhaps the best parts of these books are the great photos and illustrations. Every page has a fascinating photo, reproduction of some form of artwork or advertisement from the time, an informative graph or chart, or a colorful map. The photos and illustrations add a ton of appeal (like the moving black and white photo of a family in front of their sod house or the haunting picture of a deserted mining town), and the maps and charts provide interesting details (like what territories belonged to the U.S. at different times in history or statistics like the population growth in certain areas). Each book also includes a timeline, glossary, and index. 48 pgs, pb.-Rachel

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