X-ACTO Retract-A-Blade #1 Knife

Make crafting fun and safe with this fully retractable knife-offered in blue/black or stylish pink/black handles. Made for light cutting and precise trimming, this knife has a slightly triangular-shaped grip for easy control, plus the handle provides an anti-roll feature when sitting idle on a work area. Blades are held in place with a metal twisting mechanism. The knife has a 5" handle and a 1" blade, making it 6" long when the blade is extended. Replacement blades (X-ACTO #11) are not included with the knife, but a 5-pack is available separately. X-ACTO blades are extremely sharp, so use with caution.

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Item # 053484
Grades: 7-AD
Retail: $14.71
Our Price: $14.25
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