Researching American History Series

Featuring a different spin on the popular Jackdaw packs, users of this series are going to find them fascinating to read. Learn about topics and periods in US history through the study of primary source documents. Some of you will be thinking "Yeah, but the English in documents from that long ago will be hard to understand, and the spelling may be so different I won't be able to interpret it. And besides, objects and activities from back then are different from today." Never fear! These books seem to have everything! Wherever a primary source document is reproduced there will first be an introduction giving you background information to the people, places and ideas in the document. To the side of the document will be a summary in simpler language of the main points contained in the document. Under this will be a vocabulary list giving the meanings of some of the more difficult words and unusual spellings, and under the historical document you will find cited the author, publisher and date of publication. The historical documents vary from written documents to photographs, cartoons, maps, songs, ads, poems and more. ~ Genevieve

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