Hand's-On American History Series

Kids will love to experience small parts of American history as they learn about it. These books are short and easy-to-read, and they provide a great introduction to events, times, and people of the past. Each book features approximately three chapters or fifteen pages of text followed by a fourth chapter containing activities for students to complete. The activities give children a taste (literally!) of what life was like in those times. Children can make and eat their own hardtack (the stuff union soldiers lived on during the civil war), make and play their own game of quoits, learn to write messages in code and much more. Each book includes approximately four activities, usually including a recipe, craft, and two other activities. Each book also includes a glossary explaining bold type words, index, note to teachers, and more suggested reading. With many pictures and illustrations, fascinating text, and activities to complete, these books will appeal to every type of learner. ~ Megan

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