American Pioneers and Patriots 2nd Ed. (5-8)

This unique approach to history uses historical nonfiction from a child's point of view. Daily life is accented, and we get a healthy dose of "multiculturalism" as we look at pioneer families from Spain, England, Holland, France, and Norway. We feel as though we are there, traveling to a new home, felling trees, building houses, planting trees, caring for animals, spinning yarn, sewing clothes, and preparing food. Scattered throughout are 8-frame discussions of important facets of pioneer life, such as building canoes or using a fireplace. At the end of each unit are several discussion questions, projects, and activities. An important aspect of the book is the emphasis on how useful children are to America and insight into the true personality of Columbus. This book was revised in 2003, and is now hardcover with four-color graphics, has enhanced maps, updated chapter questions, and an additional unit at the end of the text describing accelerated westward expansion due to the building of the transcontinental railroad.

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