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Reading the first book, I could not help but think, "What an ideal time and place for a story!" It's set during the Viking times, in Ireland. This is an interesting combination, as the majority of Ireland at this time was Christian, while the Vikings believed in their own gods. The story line follows Briana O'Toole and her brother Devin. On the other side are, of course, the Vikings and their young leader Mikkel. The main character, though a girl, has enough "spunk" to make both boys and girls interested in this book. Briana is captured by the Vikings and dragged away from Ireland to a life of servanthood. The characters are fun, the writing is clear, and even though the whole "stranger in a strange place" plot is kind of clichéd, this one pulls it off as new. A good, clean Christian book for those who like historical fiction. ~ Mark

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Grades: 3-AD
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