War of the Ages DVD Series

It is an ongoing struggle, one that won't be over until Christ returns to claim His own. The battles between good and evil affect every aspect of our lives - whether we are prepared or not! Immerse yourself in the history, the debates, and the choices that influence the worldviews of every person on earth. "Origins of Enmity" looks at why the battle between good and evil exists and explores the ideas of both sides. "Greek Connection" shows how the Greek and Roman heritage of the western world has impacted life today and become an integral part of the enemy's strategy. "Darwin's Life & Legacy" investigates the man and his writings and shows how his compilation of ideas and theories have had a huge impact on the church, science, and historical figures ever since. "America's Founding Era" examines the true intentions of the writers of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, while exposing the revisionism that has purposefully been undertaken to try and extract the Biblical motivations from the founding fathers. Join Dr. G. Thomas Sharp in a series full of footage from historic locations around the globe and interviews with people well studied in their areas of expertise: Chuck Smith, Dr. John Morris, Randall Price, Ian Taylor, John Eidsmoe, Grant Horner, Doug Kennard, Joseph Good, Douglas Kelly, Ian Taylor, David Barton, Michael Farris, Paul Jehle, and Rev. Peter Marshall. DVDs are available singly or as a set. Each DVD is approx. 60 min. - Zach

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Grades: 7-AD
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