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It was recently pointed out to me that I have at least one pair of scissors in each room of my house. The kids thought this odd, but I just said, "And?" They may be one of the most utilitarian tools a person can have! And don't even think about using my sewing scissors for paper! I have them for gardening, crafting, opening things, removing tags, sewing...These titanium blades are about to be my latest pair of "Mom scissors." The hard plastic, 3D ergonomic handles are comfortable, but do take a little getting used to, and they are very right-handed. Lifetime guaranteed, it features a heavy-duty, high-carbon, stainless steel blade that is titanium-coated to hold up to years of use. I like the pointed blade for crafting since you can get into inside corners easily, and I am partial to the longer blade for this reason too. ~ Sara

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Item # 013751
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Grades: 7-AD
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Item # 066502
Grades: 3-AD
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