History J-I-N-G-O Games

These fun, bingo-like games are perfect for school, family time, and parties. Each set includes 30 player cards, clue cards, directions, and ideas for extension. The games are played just like bingo, with pictures replacing numbers on the players' cards. Multiple levels of play make it possible for a wide variety of age groups to participate. The caller could either read off the picture that is supposed to be covered with a token (for example "Antietam"), or make it more challenging by reading the clues (for example "This Civil War battle site is near Sharpsburg, Maryland" and "McClellan's army halted Lee's invasion in a bloody battle here"). If players know the answer and have it on their card, they can cover the square with a token. Playing with the trivia questions makes the game a valuable learning tool for older students, while just calling out the answer squares familiarizes students with history vocabulary and terms. However you decide to play, these games are a great way to supplement any history curriculum. Each of the player cards is made out of heavy paper, measures 8.5" x 11", and includes 25 illustrated squares for players to cover. Tokens are not included in the game, but can easily be found or made. 2-30 players per game. ~ Rachel

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