Maze Adventure Series

Puzzle-lovers will learn a lot about ancient cultures as they travel up, down, left, and right in these adventurous maze books. Each book is made up of nine mazes that build on each other, become increasingly more challenging, and follow the plot of a story. Each maze covers about three pages, as there is a page of text and then two combined pages for each actual maze. In the Pyramid book, you're helping a young boy find his father, who is lost in a newly constructed pyramid. As you search through the village and pyramid, the young boy gives a sort of guided tour of the pyramids, their construction, the living conditions of the builders, and a brief overview of the burial practices and beliefs of the ancient Egyptians. Storming a Castle book has a similar format, but you get to help rescue a boy's father from a dungeon while you learn about medieval castles. While the mazes themselves are fun activities, the beauty of these books is that children will be enthusiastically exploring the secrets of each building and reading about various aspects of each culture. The mazes are full-color but can be reproduced for classroom use, and solutions are provided in the back of each book. A must-have for puzzle lovers or a fun supplement to ancient Egypt or medieval history. 32 pgs, pb. - Jon

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