Daily Skill Builders Social Studies

Warm up your class with one of the fun worksheets from these books! This series was created in response to demand from elementary teachers for something similar to the Daily Warm-Ups series for older students. Each workbook contains 180 engaging worksheets, one for each day of the school year. The worksheets are short but very educational, perfect for starting off class, occupying students while you are preparing another activity, assigning as short homework lessons, or using up those ten extra minutes at the end of class! Within each subject, a wide array of topics is covered using just as wide of an assortment of activities. Worksheets are completed using the child's own knowledge, charts or word boxes included, or are easily answered through simple research on the subject, encouraging children to use their textbook or other resources to answer questions. The perfect accompaniment to any classroom. ~ Steph

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Grades: 3-4
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