History Battle Maps

These posters are great resources. Each poster measures 22" x 17" and is available in a laminated or non-laminated version. The Battle Maps are particularly useful because they give concise information about each main battle in the featured war and also point out where each battle took place, so students will get a real sense of how things played out. One side of the poster is a reproduction of a historical map from the featured time period. Numbers are scattered around the map, showing where various battles took place. On the right side of the map, all the battles are listed out chronologically with the dates they took place. On the back side of the map is more information about each battle. Each battle is recounted in a concise paragraph, with the date, who started the battle, how many men fought, estimated casualties of both sides, who won, what was accomplished by the battle, and any special features about the battle. A timeline of general events of the war is also included on the back of each poster. The Presidents poster is a bit different; the front of it displays a classic black and white illustration of each president from George Washington to George W. Bush with names displayed beneath each portrait. The back of the poster has a blurb about each president which tells their political affiliation, home state, when and how long they served, who their vice president and secretary of state were, and (if applicable) when they died and where they were buried. Each of these posters is a great reference for quickly seeing the basic information about each topic. ~ Rachel

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